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Drake Ironhart

Post by Drake Ironhart on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:10 pm

Name: Ironhart Drake

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Romantic Preference: Females who he can respect,

Class: Dragoon

Appearance: Drake wears a black t-shirt with his top buttons undone. He wears blue jeans and black high tops. His hair colour is a dark brown colour and it is spiked up. His eyes are a hazel colour. He has multiple scars spread out amongst his body from various demon attacks.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Fighting Style: Drake prefers to hide in the shadows and pick off his enemies one by one.

Strengths: The fact that he doesn't have any friends for him to hold back and no body to protect other than himself.

Weaknesses: Just like his strength, the fact that he has no friends is his weakness. Sometimes he will get flashbacks of his old friends and other times he will just feel down because of how lonely he is.

Personality: Drake prefers to stay to himself. He also would rather not talk. If he does talk, it will be blunt and emotionless. He does this so that he won't get too attached to someone and so that no one will else will get attached to him. He doesn't want people to get attached to him because he hates when he looses someone he cares about. Therefore, he doesn't get close to anyone to prevent this. However, if he does have anything to protect, he will protect it with his life. He can snap at some points too if anyone even begins to say anything about his past. This is surprising because Drake doesn't show his emotions. He does this so that, yet again, no one get's close to him.

History: When he was 6, him and his two friends ran away from their homes. Drake didn't know why his friends ran away, but he had a sound reason. People, including his family, thought he was crazy because he was always claiming that he was seeing demons. His friends didn't believe him, but they didn't care. They were Drake's only true friends. They lived on the streets for a few years, stealing to get by. Then five years later, demons attacked. Drake warned his two friends that the person wasn't normal but they didn't listen. They approached the demon with open arms, welcoming them into the group. Drake had already got an arrow ready to shoot the demon when the demon sliced his two friends in half. In a fury, Drake shot the demon in the eye. He ran up to the demon and pulled out the arrow. He then continued to stab the demon with that same arrow until the demon died. He then vowed to wipe out all demons. Two years had passed. He found out about true cross academy.

Other: None

Drake Ironhart

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